Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Why do I need to have a sponsor?

Why do I need to have a sponsor?

You need to have a sponsor for your Confirmation. Your sponsor serves you in three ways:

First, your sponsor serves as a role model for you in faith. Because of this, the Church requires that the sponsor should at least be sixteen years of age, be fully initiated in the Church (has received the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist), and be a practicing member of the Church.

Second, your sponsor is a companion on your faith journey, supporting you in prayer and in your search for the Holy Spirit. Your sponsor can best help you if he or she is someone whose Christian lifestyle you admire, someone with whom you feel comfortable, and someone who has the time and willingness to be involved with you in this process.

Finally, your sponsor witnesses for you before the entire Church. Standing by you as you are confirmed, he or she proclaims by that gesture that you are ready and willing to accept the responsibilities and privileges of being a fully initiated member of the Catholic Christian community.

At some point of the preparation program, your sponsors may be asked to attend some sessions. Since Confirmation is so linked with Baptism, you may consider choosing one of your godparents for your Confirmation sponsor. As with Baptism, your sponsor is someone other than your parents, because he or she will assist you and your parents in your continued faith formation.

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